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Techniques That Can Enhance Your Personal Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a positive attitude about yourself and your abilities. People who have self-confidence have a sense of control over their lives and generally believe that they can accomplish what they wish. It is an important trait to have, yet some struggle with low self-confidence, which can lead to limited success in life goals.

Self-confident people are more likely to take risks and do not feel the need to conform to others because they trust their own abilities and instincts. Lack of self-confidence does not occur due to a lack of ability, but is shaped over time through experiences. However, there are techniques that can build self-confidence and increase chances of accomplishing life goals.


Personal Self Confidence

Reflect on Past Achievements

Look back at what you have achieved in life. Keep a log of all of your past accomplishments. No matter how minuscule they may seem — graduating high school, paying off a car, losing 5 pounds — write them in the log.

Often you do not realize what you have accomplished until you see it written in front of you. Type the log in an attractive format and print it. Review the log regularly to remind yourself of what you have accomplished so far and the potential you have to accomplish more in the future.


Explore Your Strengths

Make a list of your personal strengths. If this is difficult, consider what you think your friends and family would describe as strengths or ask them to list some for you. You may be an excellent cook or pianist.

Maybe you keep a very detailed budget and manage your money well. Perhaps your house is always tidy and clean. Write anything that you do well on the list. Reading this list can help you feel better about yourself because you see your abilities written in front of you. Also, analyze your strengths to find ways to use them more effectively in your life.

Perhaps you do not like your job but do not know what else to do. Look at your strengths to find other job possibilities at which you could be more successful and find more enjoyable.


Explore Your Weaknesses

Make a list of your personal weaknesses. Be honest with yourself, but not overly critical. Ask friends and family to help if needed. You may not handle stress well or may have difficulty speaking in public.

Perhaps you do not manage your money well or are frequently late for appointments. Analyze your weaknesses and determine ways to improve them. Make time management a goal and write a schedule to help you plan for appointments, allowing time for traffic and getting ready in the morning.

Meet with a financial adviser to budget your expenses and income. Do not be critical of your weaknesses, but find ways to build upon them and create strengths.


Make a Commitment

Commit yourself to making a change. Write your goals for increasing your self-confidence and use positive self-talk to tell yourself that you can become more self-confident and achieve your goals. When doubts arise, write them down also.

Then challenge them rationally. If you think that you do not have the ability to change, tell yourself that anyone can change if they put forth the effort. If you begin feeling that change is not happening fast enough, tell yourself that change takes time and you will not succeed if you give up.

Sharing your goal with others helps make the commitment more concrete because they can hold you accountable and provide support when needed.


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