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Sunset Kayaking in Captiva Island

If there’s anything better than watching the sunset over a large body of water, its being on that body of water while the sun is setting. On a sunset kayaking tour along Captiva Island along Florida’s Gulf Coast, you’ll find yourself surrounded by water that shimmers with gold and red hues as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Bring your camera to capture dramatic pictures or share an unforgettable ending to the day with your significant other.


Bring Your Own

Sunset Kayaking in Captiva Island

Marinas and boat ramps around the island provide parking by the hour and access to the water for resort guests as well as the public. Tween Waters Inn Marina sits along Pine Island Sound and Roosevelt Channel, which runs between Captiva Channel and Buck Key to the east.

Carry your kayak by hand across Captiva Drive to access a public beach where you can paddle along to watch the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico. To offload your kayak directly onto the Gulf, set off from Jensen’s Twin Palms Marina, a half-mile north of the Tween Waters Inn facility.


Rent a Boat

You’ll want to rent a kayak overnight so you can linger on the water as the sky fades to black and bio luminescent creatures come to the surface to feed. Captiva Kayak Company has multi-day rentals with free pick-up and delivery anywhere on Captiva Island.

If you prefer, pick up your kayaks on the northeastern side of the island, and they’ll provide a portable rack for your vehicle. You can also rent kayaks at Tween Waters Inn Marina and Jensen’s Twin Palms Marina and paddle into the sunset.


Take a Tour

Take a sunset paddle with an experienced tour guide who knows the best places to paddle. Captiva Kayaks has an evening tour in Chadwick’s Bayou on the island’s east side. The sunset tour is particularly special on the full moon, with the moon rising in the east at the same time as the sun is sinking in the west.

Stargazing is at its best during the darker sky of a new moon. See manatees, otters and dolphins at play along the mangrove shores and marvel at bio luminescent creatures swimming below your kayak.


Sunset Is Always in Season

Florida’s mild climate makes it possible to enjoy a sunset kayak outing on Captiva Island at almost any time of year. Summer temperatures top out in the low 90s Fahrenheit with high humidity, making an outing on the water at sunset an ideal way to end the day.

Make liberal use of your mosquito repellent because biting insects proliferate during humid Florida summers. The sun sets as early as 5:30 p.m. during late November and early December, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s down to the mid-50s.


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