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Sunless Tanning While Pregnant

Sunless tanning is a way to achieved a sun-kissed glow without being out in the sun. Concerns over UVA and UVB radiation and skin cancer has driven people to find other tanning methods.

Tanning beds, spray tanning and sunless tanning lotions are popular ways people tan without being in the sun. Pregnant women looking into tanning have to be concerned about how the tanning methods could potentially affect their pregnancy.

Sunless Tanning


Tanning Concerns While Pregnant

Pregnant women have to careful what they come in contact with while pregnant. There are foods, medications and other products they are advised to avoid because of the potential risk to the pregnancy and/or baby.

There are concerns with regards to tanning and sunless tanning products because of the potential for harmful radiation or chemicals being absorbed into the skin and passing to the baby.


Tanning Beds

Tanning beds use UV light to achieve tanning but with less of the harmful radiation. The concerns for pregnant women using a tanning bed isn’t what could be absorbed through the skin but the rise in body temperature.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid activities that significantly raise their body temperature to avoid potential defects and harm to the baby especially in the first trimester. In addition to the rise in body temperature, overexposure to tanning beds can cause sunburns and unwanted pigmentation.

The level of UV light is not powerful enough to penetrate deep enough to do harm to the baby; however, recent studies have listed tanning beds as one of the biggest cancer risks.


Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a new and popular technique people use to tan, it provides an even tan without the streaks associated with tanning lotions.

Pregnant women who are thinking of getting a spray tan need to be concerned with the chemicals that are used to create the tan. Skin is very absorbent and tanning chemicals can be absorbed into the blood stream and potentially cross over to the baby.


Tanning Lotions

Like spray tanning, tanning lotions use chemicals to create the tan. While there has been no definitive evidence that tanning lotions or other chemical tanning methods cause problems with the baby, it has still be advised that pregnant women avoid tanning lotions that contain chemicals.

There are sunless tanning lotions on the market that are chemical free and pregnant women who want a nice tan but are worried about chemicals can consider those products as an option. Another concern with using a sunless tanning lotion or any kind of lotion is the potential for skin reactions. During pregnancy, some women experience more sensitivity to products on their skin.


Pregnancy and Tanning

It is sometimes hard for pregnant women to feel attractive, especially towards the end of their pregnancy. Going to salons for hair treatments, manicures and pedicures are great ways to help pregnant women relax and feel prettier. Sunless tanning is also a way for pregnant women to feel better about how they look.

However, it is important to know how their sunless tanning method of choice will affect their pregnancy. There has not been significant enough proof that sunless tanning causes harm to the pregnancy, however many OBGYNs caution women about using products that contain chemicals on their skin or use methods that will raise their body temperature.

If there is any concern over how the pregnancy will be effected by a sunless tanner, it is advised to wait until after the delivery to use the products.


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