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Sun Shelter Instructions

Shade canopies need not be the heavy contraptions that many art show vendors build as their temporary showrooms. There are many options to create a shady spot on the beach or in your own backyard. Shade can be created with fabric awnings, and outdoor rooms can be created on the front porch with sun shades.

Sun Shelter Instructions


Pop Ups

Lightweight, pop up canopies are designed for personal and occasional use. They are perfect for picnics, trips to the beach and BBQs. These canopies are made of interlocking pieces that are easy to set up, and the entire canopy is stored in one travel bag.



Avoid the bulk of a canopy frame altogether if you have access to one or two trees. Sun sails are pieces of fabric that come with specially designed hooks that attach to tree branches or posts on a porch. Erect a sun sail between your home and a tree in the yard to create temporary shelter from the sun.



Hang wicker or fabric shades around the edge of a porch to create an outdoor shelter from the sun.


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