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Stretch Mark Treatment During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of aches and pains, but most of those disappear when the baby arrives. Stretch marks are one of the annoyances of pregnancy that does not disappear. Stretch marks do fade after some time has passed, but they never disappear completely. Not only that, they can become itchy or painful. Preventing and treating stretch marks during and after pregnancy is a priority for many women.


Stretch Mark Treatment


Pregnancy Weight Gain and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks happen when the skin is extended past its versatility. In pregnancy, stretch marks often appear over the abdomen and sometimes over the breasts, hips and thighs. There is no way to completely prevent stretch marks from pregnancy weight gain, but they can be controlled to an extent by gaining weight slowly and steadily throughout the pregnancy. By eating carefully and choosing healthy foods, the body will store less fat, and the woman will have fewer chances of developing stretch marks. Right now, best barrier is a decent offense. Preventing stretch marks is a lot easier than treating them.


Cocoa Butter and Stretch Marks

Since stretch marks are caused by skin being pulled too tightly and losing elasticity, keeping the skin soft and moisturized can help. Dry skin has less stretchiness to it, and it will scar more easily than moisturized skin. Most doctors and pregnant woman agree that cocoa butter is the best treatment to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. A woman should use pure cocoa butter, not a lotion that says “with cocoa butter” or “cocoa butter scented.”


Hiding Stretch Marks During Pregnancy – And After

The most ideal approach to treat stretch imprints during pregnancy is to shroud them. Stretch marks are hidden very well with fake tan spray. The best results are achieved when the pregnant woman goes to a professional to be sprayed. The dyes used in the tanning spray are completely safe for pregnancy, and they color the stretch marks in to match the rest of the skin, making them almost completely invisible. This trick works well after pregnancy as well, if the woman wants to hide them, yet does not want costly laser treatments.


Treating Discomfort of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks happen during pregnancy when the skin is stretched passed its breaking point. This can be painful or uncomfortable. Using lotion or cocoa butter regularly will help sooth the skin. Also, products like Bio-Oil can help reduce the pain. If pain from stretch marks becomes unbearable, the pregnant woman should see her doctor for a prescription.


Treating Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Laser medicines can make stretch stamps totally vanish for certain ladies. These treatments are not safe during pregnancy, but they can be started once the woman is satisfied with her postpartum weight loss. Laser treatments are expensive, and there is no guarantee that they will work. Most women see about a fifty percent decrease in the visibility of the stretch marks after laser treatment.


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