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Sportline Heart Rate Watch Instructions

You can find heart rate watches by Sportline in a variety of styles, sizes and functions that monitor your heart rate at the touch of your fingertip. Regardless of which model you choose, the American College of Sports Medicine, or ACSM, reminds you to select a monitor to match your activities. For example, if you swim, use a waterproof watch.


Sportline Heart Rate


Set Up Your Watch

Press and hold any key on the Sportline watch for three to five seconds to turn it on. The “Mode” key changes the view on the watch from time, heart rate and timer to additional features such as pedometer steps and GPS tracking. Set up the time by holding down the “Mode” key until the variable you want to change is flashing.

Press the “Start” button to adjust the hour or minutes, then press “Mode” again to set your selection. Also press the “Mode” button to adjust your personal profile. Use the “Start/stop” button and select your sex, weight, height and age. Press the “Mode” button to secure your selections.


Strap In

If the monitor uses a chest strap, secure the strap around your torso just underneath your pectoral muscles. The electrodes should be snug against your skin, so if you have thick chest hair, you may need to shave for an accurate connection. Also, Sportline recommends wetting the electrodes with water or saliva to enhance the connection in dry climates.

Press the heart rate button on the watch to display your pulse. Avoid wearing lotions on your chest or fingers, which can affect the monitor’s accuracy. If your watch does not have a chest strap, place your fingertips onto the watch’s contacts until your heart rate registers on the monitor.


In The Zone

Some Sportline watches offer different target heart rate zones. The ACSM recommends exercising between 50 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate, or MHR. Calculate your MHR by subtracting your age from 220. Sportline divides its training zones into three parts: an active zone which is 50 to 60 percent of MHR; a fat-burning zone equal to 60 to 75 percent of MHR; and an endurance zone between 75 and 85 percent of MHR.

Select the zone that’s comfortable for your aerobic workouts by pressing the “Mode” key until the heart rate is displayed. Hold the “Mode” key until “setting” appears, then press the “Start/stop” button to choose your heart rate zone. Press the “Mode” button to set your selection.

If you want an alarm to sound when your pulse is outside your target heart rate, press the “Start/stop” button to turn on the alarm. Press the “Mode” button and use the “Start/stop” button to set the upper and lower pulse ranges. Set your selections by pressing the “Mode” button.


Go The Distance

Use your Sportline monitor to track your distance and calories burned. In heart rate mode, press the “Lap/view” key until distance is displayed. Press the “Mode” key and hold it until the word “distance” displays. Press and hold the “Lap/view” button to change the display. You can select “steps,” “heart rate,” “calories burned” and “fat burned.”


Other Features

Monitor your heart rate by pressing the “Heart rate” key, or push “Mode” until the heart rate is on the display. Push the “Start/stop” button to track your heart rate. If your watch has this option, press the”Lap/view” key while in the heart rate display to scroll between your time, distance and speed.

To access the timer on other models, press “Mode” until the chronograph is displayed. Press “Start/stop” when you begin your workout and again when you finish.


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