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Skydiving in Ontario, Canada

The glossy silver panel of the Great Lakes provides a spectacular backdrop for a skydive. Luckily, eager tandem passengers, students and experienced skydivers can all snag a piece of sky over southern Ontario. Following up with a plate of poutine is optional — but encouraged.


Skydiving in Ontario


Skydiving in Canada

If you’re an experienced skydiver who holds a current, valid United States Parachute Association license, you can jump in Canada. Be aware, however, that you may be asked to buy an additional membership in the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association.

Call the drop zone to check on the facility’s policy before you arrive.


Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center

Grand Bend’s Sport Parachuting Center has been flying over the beautiful scenery of southern Ontario since the early 1980s. The drop zone operates two lovingly maintained Cessna aircraft — a 182 and a 206 — from which they drop tandem pairs, students and experienced jumpers from an altitude of 10,000 feet to a wide, grassy landing area.

Accuracy specialists may use the DZ’s tuffet to train their bulls-eye touchdowns. Views from altitude sweep over Lake Huron and its surrounding farm communities.

The Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center offers experienced skydivers gear rentals, sales, rigging, packing and coaching. Traveling jumpers may stay on site in the bunkhouse, RV hookups and tent campsites. Shower facilities are on site.

Spectators find ample entertainment on the ground, either in the town of Grand Bend five minutes down the road, on the surrounding lakeshore or at the neighboring golf course.


Skydive Toronto

At the Cookstown Airport, just 45 minutes from central Toronto, Skydive Toronto flies a Cessna Caravan and a souped-up Cessna 182 aircraft to spectacular views over the lake and city before opening the door and sending excited skydivers into the Canadian sky.

As well as offering tandem experiences, the drop zone trains new skydivers to earn their solo licenses and coaches experienced skydivers to build skill in their chosen disciplines — including accuracy, for which the DZ has a tuffet.

Experienced skydivers and students may rent gear from the facility’s shop, which also offers gear sales, packing and rigging. Visiting skydivers may camp and shower on site. The on-DZ Ragtop Café operates daily during spring and summer.



Tandem passengers need not worry, but potential students and experienced skydivers should take note of Skydive Toronto’s non-beginner landing area.

The landing area is noticeably hilly, introduces a few obstacles and becomes distinctly muddy in the rain. These issues are not important for skydivers very confident under canopy, but should be taken under consideration by those who are not.


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