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Six Steps to Self Confidence

The six steps to self-confidence is a confidence-building method used by individuals around the world, from corporate leaders to homemakers. The method is promoted by human resources directors and educational leaders in schools across the country.

The six steps provide and build self-confidence and self-awareness in building blocks to help people achieve goals.


Steps to Self Confidence



Deciding what you want out of a job, a relationship or a career is the first step toward making changes in your life that boost confidence. Find weak spots in your self-esteem and confidence levels and work to strengthen them throughout the six steps.

First however, a person must be able to identify these areas where self-confidence is lacking, such as standing up to your boss, or learning to say no without fearing you’ll lose respect.



Learn to believe in yourself. Identify your strong points and build on them. Everyone has weak and strong points, so defining yours is another step toward focusing on strong points that increase confidence. Admit where you are lacking and work on those areas of your life.

For example, if you’re shy, and you know that your shyness is preventing you from finding love, keeping your from advancement at work, or preventing you from being truly happy, acknowledge it, accept it and work on it.


Think Positive

Think positive rather than negative. Accept that you are not perfect, and have weaknesses. For example, don’t constantly tell yourself, or others, that you’re not smart enough to do something. This type of negative thinking is certain to deflate confidence. So, you may not be a math genius, but you might put others to shame with your knowledge of literature or computer technology. Turn the negatives in your life to positives.



Practice your positive thinking, work on your weaknesses and you’ll gradually be a stronger, more confident person. Do things that amplify your strong points. Be willing to try new things. Slowly do the things that you are afraid of, such as public speaking, or group activities such as Tae Kwon Do. Practicing may help create a newer, bolder you–one who is not afraid to try.



Celebrate your successes, no matter how small they are. When you overcome any hurdle that you earlier recognized as a weak spot in your life, enjoy your new sense of accomplishment. Speak up for yourself, at work, at home and when out with friends.

Reward yourself for your efforts and don’t think that even a small accomplishment is too small to acknowledge. These small steps will get you where you’re going.


Keep It Going

Repetition breeds familiarity. Practice your confidence-building steps every day, and pretty soon they’ll become second nature to you. You’ll have ups and downs, but that’s to be expected.

Don’t place too much pressure on yourself too soon, and don’t expect perfection, but instead, take every small step forward, every accomplishment as a major step toward enhancing your self-confidence, now, and well into the future.


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