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Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy at Week 3

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy at week three are not uncommon. Some women are very in tune with their body and the changes that occur and so they will notice the changes in their body more quickly. Sometimes, the changes are just too much to ignore. At three weeks pregnant, many women will be able to take a pregnancy test and see that positive result.


Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy at Week 3



Nausea or morning sickness is one of the first signs women notice when they are three weeks pregnant. It may lead to vomiting or may stay in the abdomen as feelings of nausea or aversions to some foods.



Fatigue occurs quickly within the first semester of pregnancy. Women at three weeks pregnant may notice that they are more tired and need more rest than they previously did or may not feel rested after a night of sleep or a nap.



Cramping is normal in the first three weeks of pregnancy. At the third week mark in their menstrual cycle, women would be about to menstruate and so the cramps my be misconstrued as menstrual cramps.



Spotting is normal during the early weeks of pregnancy. It is normal to have spotting when menstruation should occur, but it will not be as heavy as a normal period. Spotting may also be due to the fertilized egg implanting into the uterus.



Even as early as three weeks pregnant, urination will become more frequent. The uterus expands slowly, but begins to do so right away and will put pressure on the bladder.



Breast changes may occur at the beginning of the pregnancy and as early as three weeks. They may become tender and the areola may begin to darken.



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