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Signs of Pregnancy in the 1st Week

The first week of pregnancy is often unknown to most women, unless you are specifically looking for the potential signs of early pregnancy. Pregnancy tests have come a long way and some can detect pregnancy the day of your expected period with over 99 percent accuracy. While pregnancy symptoms do vary from woman to woman, there are common signs that a baby may be on the way.


Signs of Pregnancy



Some women may notice a little spotting or light bleeding. This is known as implantation bleeding and occurs when the fertilized egg implants into the uterus.



In the first several weeks of pregnancy, including the very first week, women may feel fatigued. This is due to sudden hormonal changes occurring in the body.



Morning sickness can appear as early as the first week of pregnancy. It does not necessarily occur in the morning – nausea may occur at any time of the day.


Frequent Urination

It is a misconception that frequent urination only occurs when the baby has grown large enough to push on the bladder. Frequent urination can actually occur right away and feels like there pressure being put on the bladder.



Within the first week of pregnancy, a woman may experience some mild cramps on one or both sides of the lower abdomen. They may feel similar to menstrual cramps.



Throughout a pregnancy, a woman’s body temperature is elevated, which is why many pregnant women can overheat easily. This change can occur as early as the first week pregnant.


Tender Breasts

The rapid rush of hormones in early pregnancy can cause tender, swollen or tingly breasts. Breasts may also feel heavy, and the areola – the area around the nipple – may darken.


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