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Sewing Pregnancy Body Pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to good health, and it is especially important to get your rest when you are pregnant. Unfortunately, as tired as you might be during pregnancy, it can be difficult to adjust your sleeping habits to accommodate your enlarged belly.

Pregnancy body pillows are shaped to conform to a woman’s body and provide support for your belly, as well as your neck and back. Body pillows promote good sleep because they relieve pain and make sure you don’t roll on your stomach as you sleep.


Pregnancy Body Pillow

Pregnancy Body Pillow


Lay your pattern paper on a flat work surface and use a pencil to sketch out the pattern for your pillow. Pregnancy body pillows are often designed in a “J” shape to hug the body. Your body pillow pattern should be about the same height as you are and approximately two feet wide.

Cut out the pattern and pin it to the fabric you want to use for your pillow. Cut out the fabric, then flip the pattern over and cut out a second piece of fabric.

Place the two pieces of fabric together so that their right sides are facing inward. Pin the pieces together, leaving the top open.

Use your sewing machine to sew around the “J”-shaped pillow cover. Sew around all sides, but leave the top open so that you can stuff the pillow.

Stuff the pillow with a synthetic stuffing material such as foam or polyester fibers. Synthetic fibers are allergen-free, provide optimal support and keep their shape over time. Fold the top edge inside and sew straight across the top to close the pillow.


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