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Self-Esteem Activities for Women

According to Karen de Bord, Human Development Specialist for the University of Missouri, women’s self-esteem is based mainly on how they feel about themselves in three areas: physical appearance, intimate relationships and sociability.

There are a variety of activities that will help to boost women’s self-esteem.


Finish Something

See something through from start to finish. Start small; this activity can be something as minor as tidying your desktop or cleaning the kitchen sink. Let nothing interrupt you while you’re working.

Once you have seen this project through to completion, observe what you have done. Remember this feeling of accomplishment and build on it. It will help you to remember that you are a person who can have an impact upon her surroundings.


Activities for Women


Use Affirmations

Most women subject themselves to an unrelenting stream of negative self-talk without even realizing they’re doing so. Pay attention to your inner dialogue; if you hear things like, “I can’t do that” or “This will never work” or “I am unattractive,” make a conscious effort to replace these negative thoughts with positive ones.

In your mind, repeat three things you like about your appearance, or four people who like you just as you are, or an affirmative phrase such as, “I am a strong woman!” This will actually re-program your brain to cut down on the negative messages and repeat the positive ones.


Take Care

You know you’re supposed to take care of yourself, but do more than that — take good care of yourself. Feed yourself the freshest and most wholesome food, pursue an exercise regimen that you enjoy (such as swimming or tennis), bathe daily and get enough sleep.

Dress in clothing that is clean, comfortable and makes you feel attractive. Wear your hair in a becoming way. Cherishing yourself will make you come to understand that you are someone who deserves to be cherished.


Do Something Fun

Take some time each day to do something that you enjoy simply for the pleasure it gives you. Bake, garden, watch movies, get a massage, take a nap, listen to music or read a book. Make a list of the things you enjoy and refer to it often, adding new activities as you discover them.

Reward yourself with fun, with relaxation and with little treats on a regular basis. Doing so will remind you that you are very worthy of a place in life’s playground.


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