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Self-Esteem Activities for Adolescent Boys

Adolescence can be a difficult time for boys because they still guidance yet strive for independence. Their bodies go through various physical and emotional changes, and their hormones surge.

It is important to help boys maintain good self-esteem during their adolescent years to instill values that will help them develop into responsible, confident adults. A variety of activities can help build their self-esteem. It is important to choose activities that focus on individual interests and strengths.


Social Clubs

Chess clubs build skill and confidence. Social clubs provide activities of specific interests, including but not limited to board games, acting, math, music and writing. They usually involve peers of the same age range and skill level. Some social clubs operate at schools. Others provide transportation from schools to community centers.


Activities for Adolescent Boys



Team sports promote social skills and boost self-esteem. Sports can be played year round through schools and/or recreation centers. Some churches even sponsor teams. It is important to examine each boy’s ability before choosing which group to join.

Some sports groups are more competitive than others; the most important consideration is to pair children with peers who have the same athletic ability.


Volunteer Work

Reading to elderly or disabled people can be an enjoyable volunteer option. When a person helps someone in need, he feels good about himself. Organizations, community centers and churches always look for volunteers.

Whether it’s volunteering in a children’s ward at a hospital, reading to the elderly or tutoring children in lower grades, volunteer work is a good way to teach male adolescents responsibility. It also helps them learn skills that will be valuable for future jobs. Volunteer work looks commendable on a resume. The praise and joy from others “on the job” will boost confidence as well.



Learning a trade helps adolescents choose a career. Most boys begin thinking of their careers during their teen-age years. Becoming an apprentice will teach an adolescent a trade, put money in his pocket and provide mentors for him to look up to and emulate.

It is important that the adolescent is familiar with the adults for whom he works. When searching for an apprenticeship, friends, family and community members are valuable resources. Auto body mechanics, barbers, carpenters, landscape and garden designers and similar trade positions are examples of possible apprenticeship opportunities.


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