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Scottish Terrier : 10 Most Common Questions

The Scottish Terrier or Scottie is one of the most popular dogs of recent years. Once used to chase and hunt such animals as rabbits and foxes, the Scottie is now primarily a family pet and companion dog. Small, sturdy and self-confident, the Scottie often acts somewhat aloof, but in reality this breed is very good with children.

It will be necessary for the new owner to give their new pet some time alone, however, as the Scottish Terrier is very protective of its own privacy, as well as that of the family. We have gathered 10 common questions about the Scottish Terrier and provided answers for each.

Scottish Terrier Questions


1. What is the history of the Scottish Terrier?

The exact origins of this breed are not known, though dogs of similar appearance are mentioned in early British records. The Scottie once hunted otter, rabbits, foxes, and rats as a regular part of its life. This skill was very helpful to the Scottish farmer.

The low, muscular body and wiry coat have long been a distinct characteristic of the Scottish Terrier.


2. Are Scotties good with children?

Yes, generally this breed is fine with children. However, as with most dogs, the Scottish Terrier will not tolerate abuse and may run from or hide from a child when the dog has had enough activity.

It may be better to have a Scottie around children who are a bit older, rather than the very young child.


3. How big does the Scottish Terrier get?

Most healthy adult Scotties will stand about 10 inches to 13 inches at the withers and will weigh about 20 pounds. Some individual dogs may weigh up to 23 pounds.


4. What is the best way to choose a breeder for a Scottish Terrier?

It is best to visit at least three reputable breeders. Be prepared to ask many questions. You should read as much as you can about the breed and then ask about health problems, diet, and the parents of the litter you are considering.

A good breeder will be open to any questions you have and will help find answers for those questions that cannot be answered immediately.


5. How much grooming does a Scottie need?

Quite a bit, actually. Brushing and trimming should be done several times a year. It is best to avoid bathing unless absolutely necessary. Scottie skin can dry out very easily.

Be aware that Scottish Terriers have a tendency to scratch and bite at themselves a lot, even to the point of creating thin spots or bald spots on the coat. A professional should probably handle full grooming and trimming. Soctties do not shed a lot.


6. How much exercise will my Scottie need?

The Scottish Terrier was bred as an active, outdoor dog. The dogs were used to hunt rabbits and foxes, as well as for guarding and watching the family home. Most Scotties today will do fine with some regular exercise in a mid-sized yard or on a leash.

Most experienced owners recommend a leash because the dog has kept some of its hunting instincts and will chase animals.


7. Are straw or blonde dogs Scottish Terriers?

Many shades are accepted to include the one called wheaten. This can be fawn, tan or straw colored. However, white is not usually an acceptable shade of wheaten. Usual colors are dark gray to jet-black.


8. Are Scotties easy to train?

This depends on what type of training you want to be involved in. Most Scotties will do well with basic obedience training and perhaps a bit more formal training. They will enjoy fetching if you throw a ball or a stick.

Keep in mind that training the independent-minded Scottish Terrier can be a challenge. The dog must have some positive motivation and the training must be consistent.


9. What health problems should I be aware?

Scottish Terriers can be subject to a movement problem called Scottie cramp. In addition, this breed is particularly susceptible to fleabites and skin allergies. It may be best to ask about some inherited jaw problems in the Scottie as well.


10. I live in an apartment. Will the Scottie do well here?

Most are fine in smaller homes and apartments. The dogs of this breed are somewhat active indoors but you should probably plan to give your pet some regular exercise outside.

The Scottish Terrier prefers cooler weather and cool climates.


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