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RV Insurance Questions

There are a variety of special concerns to be considered in researching and purchasing insurance for your RV, whether it is a pop-up trailer or a full-scale Bluebird tour bus.

By investigating all types of insurance and options before contacting an agent, you will be in position to make an informed choice.


Why Do I Need RV Insurance?

It is possible to just take out a regular auto/truck insurance policy on your RV, but that policy will only cover the basics, and will not include items like stairs, awnings and slide-outs.

Furthermore, you cannot get auto insurance on a towed or trailer-type RV, and are required to get specialized RV insurance. Dealing with a company that specializes in RV insurance also gives you a chance to customize your policy.


Why Do I Need RV Insurance?


Do I Need Insurance When the RV is Not in Use?

Almost all RV insurance companies offer some kind of a storage option as a feature of their policies. And in most cases, your insurance premium is only about 50 percent of normal costs when your RV is in storage.


Will My RV Attachments and Accessories Be Covered?

All permanent attachments and accessories to your RV are covered under most plans, and usually for the full replacement cost of the item. But always read the fine print to be sure.


Am I Fully Covered If I Live in My RV Full Time?

As long as your premium is paid, you are fully insured whether you are a just weekend warrior or are on the road for six months at a time, but many RV insurance companies also offer full-timer plans that include extra features usually found in homeowner insurance plans.


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