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Rules & Regulations of a Business Worker

Each office in the world has its own set of rules and regulations for their workers. Although companies vary in their particulars, some simple baseline standards apply to any worker in a business environment.

When you get hired, you’ll be trained on the specific expectations of your company and direct supervisor. In the mean time, do everything you can to adhere to appropriate workplace etiquette and attitudes.


Appropriate Dress

People who want to work in a professional environment must dress professionally. When in doubt, men should wear a suit with tie and women a professional dress or suit dress.

Business casual is acceptable attire in some environments, but don’t assume your new company allows it. It’s always better to overdress than to underdress for work.


Regulations of a Business Worker


Appropriate Behavior

A professional office environment requires professional behavior. Come to work on time and call your supervisor or assistant if you’re going to be late. Be polite to co-workers, even if they are below you on the organization chart.

Avoid topics that could make others in the office uncomfortable, such as sex and religion. Demonstrate a strong work ethic by finishing work on time and saving social conversations for lunch and off hours.


Appropriate Skills

Each position in a business has its own set of prerequisite skills. However, all positions require a baseline set of skills including basic computer knowledge, public speaking, telephone etiquette, customer service and operation of basic office equipment such as copiers and faxes.


Learning More

If you feel unsure about how to meet these standards, seek advice. Ask someone you know who works in a business environment and can help you learn or improve upon the basics. If not, community colleges, trade schools and local workforce centers typically offer classes on basic business protocols.


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