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Romantic Ways to Say I Miss You

Love knows no bounds, but it can be hard to show your sweetheart you care when you are apart. To keep love alive, you need to find ways to bridge this gap.

Whether you say it with flowers, food, photos, words or art, you can show your partner you miss him in a thoughtful, romantic and personal way.


Order a Special Delivery

The fact that flowers can be delivered makes them an easy choice to let someone know you are thinking of her. Choose your partner’s favorites, or send ones that have special meaning to you, such as the ones you had at your wedding or that she wore in her hair on your first date.

Include a note that lets her know why you chose them and that you wish she was there with you, for instance, “Gardenias remind me of our first date. I miss you and I wish I could be there to smell them too“. As another option, send a bouquet of chocolate-covered fruit with a card or a pizza with “I Miss You” spelled in olives if you can bribe the pizza guy. It’s the thought that counts.

Order a Special Delivery


Show Gratitude Through Letter Writing

Gratitude expressed through letters leads to improved relationships with the one receiving the letter, say psychology researchers Sara Algoe and Jonathan Haidt in a study of 165 University of Virginia students published as “Witnessing Excellence in Action,” in the “Journal of Positive Psychology” in 2009.

Tell him how much he means to you by starting with the reasons you appreciate him.

Thanks for always being there for me,” or “I appreciate how hard you work for us,” go over well. Make it genuine, make it specific and end with an “I wish you were here,” to really drive the point home.

Show Gratitude Through Letter Writing


Send Pictures

Just getting someone to think about a partner makes the brain pump out chemicals that indicate excitement and happiness, notes Grove City College professor and researcher Sam Stanton et.al, in a study published as “Energized by Love” in “Psychophysiology” in 2014.

And what better way to get her to think about you than to give her a picture of you?

Send a snapshot via text message or email or send a few photos by regular mail. Consider doing something offbeat, like sending her selfies of you in the places you like to go together holding a photo of her next to your head.

If you are crafty, make her a collage of your favorite photos of you as a couple and send it to her house. On any of these, add a note that you miss her and wish you were together so you could make more memories.

Send Pictures


Get Creative

Write him a poem, paint him a picture or use modeling clay to create something special for your honey. If you have kids together, get them involved too. Paint a large heart and decorate with the words, “Wish you were here,” in the middle. Paint a picture of your first date and add a note that you wish he was around so you could go back there.

It’s the thought that counts here, not so much your artistic prowess. If you’re really uncomfortable with art, think about what your partner likes and go unexpected. Does he have a bearded dragon that he had to leave behind to go on a business trip?

Send him a stuffed version with a note that says, “Lizzy and I miss you.” Get silly, get creative and you will find plenty of ways to tell your sweetheart you miss him.

Get Creative


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