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Romantic Ideas When Your Husband Comes Home After Being Apart for Awhile

Whether he’s away on business, on vacation with buddies or overseas on deployment, being separated from your partner can be difficult. Fortunately, you can ease the stress a little by planning a romantic way to celebrate his return.

Show your husband that you’re glad he’s back with a token gift, sweet gesture or sexy favor that he won’t soon forget.

Romantic Ideas When Your Husband Comes Home After Being Apart for Awhile


Treasure Hunts

Welcome your husband home with a playful treasure hunt that can be as sweet or sensual as you like. Lead him from the foyer to a romantic, candlelit dinner in the dining room with a series of love notes posted down the hallway walls or lead him to a steaming bubble bath for two with a trail of rose petals or clothing from the front door.

Create a series of sexy clues for your husband to follow, eventually leading him to a picnic under the stars in the backyard or a lingerie-clad you in the bedroom.


At Your Service

Remind your husband why it’s good to be home by letting him indulge in a little pampering. You can pick up massage oils in his favorite scents and rub him down to ease away stresses. Dim the lights and add a few aromatherapy candles around the room to make it an even more relaxing gift.

If the way to your hubby’s heart is through his stomach, prepare his favorite meal or whip up a batch of his favorite goodies. If he arrives home late at night, save your special service for the morning — an elaborate breakfast in bed.


Sentimental Tokens

Your husband’s return gives you an ideal excuse to remind him of your love with a token gift — one that he can take with him the next time he has to go away. You can assemble a scrapbook of all your favorite moments together, have his and her T-shirts or coffee mugs made with your favorite photo, or have your names etched into a pair of champagne flutes.

Create a CD compilation of every significant song in your relationship or splice a video together from special moments together. For a gift that he can use over and over again, fill a homemade coupon book with services and favors he can redeem later — one for every day he was gone.


Relationship Rewind

Transform your husband’s arrival home into a trip down memory lane. You can make reservations at the restaurant where the two of you had your first date or plan an evening around the place you first met.

For a quiet night in, pick up a copy of the first movie you saw together along with the same snacks and goodies from the theater. Book a night at the first hotel you stayed at together, or, if your budget and schedule allow, plan a short getaway together to recreate your first vacation as a married couple.


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