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Romantic 1-Year Anniversary Gifts

Whether you are dating or married, regardless of age or how many mates you’ve had, or whether you are male or female, romance is an important component of your relationship. Don’t let that fire die just because you weathered a year together.

Keep the romantic fire alive by choosing a romantic 1-year anniversary gift. Your mate will thank you for it and your relationship will be stronger for it, too.


1-Year Anniversary Gifts


Special Outing

Gift your son and daughter-in-law with a restaurant setting that has a romantic ambiance, replete with candlelight and soft music. This “date night” should be at a restaurant considered a “splurge” for them under normal circumstances.

Send them in style by hiring a limo to take them to and from the restaurant, preventing nasty traffic issues. Afterward, provide them with the movie “Date Night” to watch at home so they can sigh with relief and laugh about the perils less wise couples face when they don’t prepare for that special outing as well as you did for them.



Diamonds really are a guy’s best friend if he is on a date with a girl he has been seeing for a year or been married to for that long. After a year of dating or marriage, your woman wants a tangible acknowledgment from you that you are still happy she is “the one.”

Nothing says commitment and fondness more than diamonds, whether it is a ring, necklace or earrings. If you’re not ready for marriage, give her a pair of diamond earrings or a necklace, which is still romantic, but has no strings attached.


Exotic Trip

Nothing says romance like an exotic gift. Splurge on a vacation to a foreign land like Paris, France and sweep your lady off her feet atop the Eiffel Tower. Paris is the “City of Love” so there is nowhere better to go on an exotic trip with your l’amour.

Pop the champagne bottle at the top of the Eiffel Tower and pop the marriage proposal at the same time. Eat at Le Jules Verne in the Tower first, so she doesn’t faint from the breathtaking night view, your proposal and truly being “in the clouds.”


Martyr Gifts

You have dated for a year or been married as long, so you know a thing or two about what makes your significant other happy. Some of those things are not pleasing for you to do, eat or participate in normally, but romance means doing things you may not like to show just how much your partner means to you.

Cook a special meal for the celebrating couple, wash your husband’s car, take your wife to her hairdresser appointment or any other activity that your significant other knows you are being a martyr by doing. This gift will be inexpensive, but it will be known right away that it wasn’t cheap.


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