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Rock Climbing Courses in Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown’s soaring alpine environment boasts an incredibly concentrated, diverse range of climbing sites for the keen athlete to scramble around on. Luckily, the region’s vertical playground isn’t just open to skilled rock monkeys. Numerous operators run local clinics that teach keen adventurists everything they need to know to clip in and send a challenging route.


Rock Climbing Courses in Queenstown


Climbing Queenstown

Climbing Queenstown operates three-day courses customized to the climber’s ability, from beginner to advanced. Beginners receive instruction in all the basic skills they need to move forward in the sport.

More advanced climbers learn to place protection, set up anchors, self-rescue and improvise gear. Each course is set for a maximum of four participants, keeping instruction personal and unhurried. Climbing Queenstown provides all technical equipment.


Independent Mountain Guides

Independent Mountain Guides runs full-day and half-day rock climbing courses. Beginners pick up basic rock climbing skills at crags close to downtown Queenstown, on routes that have been set up with greenhorn climbers in mind.

Independent Mountain Guides provides all safety equipment and climbing footwear, but climbers must bring their lunch and drinks. The half-day courses last about 4.5 hours.



Summits offers season-dependent instruction that ranges from single-pitch routes for beginners to coaching on multi-pitch alpine routes for the more advanced student. The operation buses students to a range of routes in the Queenstown and Wanaka areas, choosing a site that best fits the student’s climbing level and interests.

Summits’ Rock Climbing Starter Day Course brings new climbers up to speed on safety, gear and techniques. The company provides climbers with all the gear they need, but participants must pack a lunch and drinks.


Climbing Season

Since New Zealand is in the Southern hemisphere, its seasons are in direct opposition to America’s Northern Hemisphere rhythms. New Zealand summer occurs during the North American winter, placing the longest, sunniest days of the year during the U.S. winter holidays.

Most course operators only operate rock climbing tours between October and April, when the season best accommodates the activity.


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