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Roasted Lobster With Almonds And Pistachio Cream Recipe

This is a creative and unusual way to prepare lobster and not so difficult to make. If you’re tired of the usual sauteed prawns or grilled lobster, you can try this recipe out and surprise your family and guests with its ingeniousness.

Almonds are usually sprinkled over ice cream or used as a crust for pastries and other sweets. In this savory recipe, sliced or flaked almonds are used as a crust to cover the prawn or the lobster, giving it a nutty texture and awesome flavor.

Once you bight into the prawn and almond ball, you won’t get enough of this impressive dish and will make it again and again.

For this Roasted Lobster With Almonds And Pistachio Cream Recipe you can use either prawns or lobster, depending on availability and your preference. Of course, fresh seafood is best and frozen seafood will not compare.

Almonds have a high fat content and go so well with the butter that the juicy shrimps will be cooked in. Note there are two kinds of almonds, sweet and bitter almonds.

The one used for this recipe is the sweet almonds, which have been sliced into flakes. Almonds flakes are available packaged and sold in groceries and food stores, but you can also buy slice whole almonds and slice them into flakes.

This way, you can be sure that the potent flavor is retained. You can slice almonds thinly using a food processor that has been fitted with a slicing disk.

You can also toast the almonds in a pan or the oven before using them to release their oils and flavors.

It could take some time to shell the pistachios so it is best to do this way before you make this dish. After shelling the pistachios, chop them finely and ground them evenly using a mortar and pestle or a grinder.

Roasted Lobster with Almonds and Pistachio Cream

Roasted Lobster With Almonds

Servings : 4

Preparation Time : 20 Min.

Cooking Time : 20 Min.

Difficulty Level : Easy

Recommended Wine : Fendant Perle du Valais 87



  • 4 Royal prawn (caliber 5/7)
  • 3 1/2 Oz. Pistachios
  • 0.42 Cups Pistachio oil
  • 3 1/2 Oz. Crushed almonds
  • 1 Egg yolk
  • 1 Oz. Butter
  • 0.42 Cups prawn fumet
  • 2/3 Cup cream
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 1 Flat Parsley leaf
  • Sea salt, pepper


Preparation Instructions

  • Finely ground the pistachios. Place the tomatoes in boiling water for a minute. Slice them into shreds then saute in butter.
  • Spread the almonds on a dish. Next, place a prawn on it, season it with salt, dab it with some egg yolk, then finally, covering it with the pistachio. Fry in a little clarified butter heated nice in a frying pan for about 1 minute for each side or until the almonds are gold covered.
  • Prepare a pistachio cream by mixing some pistachios, prawn flavoring, and a dash of cream.
  • To serve: Sprinkle some pistachios around about the edges of a serving plate. Pour a spoonful of pistachio cream in the middle of the plate. Place the prawn on top of the cream. Set beside it a prawn carcass. Place in the middle some tomatoes then add some drops of pistachio oil alongside the prawns. Then finally, place the parsley leaf close to them. Voila! Ready to serve.


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Roasted Lobster With Almonds And Pistachio Cream Recipe


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