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Reasons to Work on a Cruise Ship

Much is said about working on board and, yes, there is pressure, long working hours, no day off for months, but what’s the good part of it? Read below.


Work on a Cruise Ship


1. Free Accommodation and Meals

Your salary is yours to do whatever you want with it. You do pay for mineral water, which costs nearly zero, but other than that you get all your meals – and many times with great variety – and drinks like juice and tea for free.


2. Earning Your Salary In Dollars

If you, like me, were born in a country where the dollar never stops going up, this is the job for you. And since you don’t pay for the things mentioned above, you might come back home with enough money to spend several months relaxing.


3. Seeing the World

It is true that we work 11 hours a day without any day off and for many reasons you might not be able to see that day’s port, but at least two or three times a week you are going to have enough time to eat in some restaurant outside, go shopping or just enjoy the city where you are docked however you want.


4. Work Hard, Play Harder

I don’t know from where we got so much energy, but several times a week, after 11 hours working, we would just go to what they call “Crew Disco” and drink for hours. Every now and then they would throw amazing parties, sometimes even in public/passenger areas, and karaoke was my main event every week.


5. Getting to Know People Everywhere

You are going to make friends that you’ll miss. A whole lot. And one is going to be from Germany, another one from Romania, the other from Ukraine and even if you plan on taking a trip to one of these countries, they might have gone back on board. But the memories, oh, boy, the great memories. You’ll never forget those people and what they taught you.


There’s a part of me that believes this list could be way longer, but maybe you just need to go to figure out what that would be. It’s definitely a changing experience and a great way to save money while doing not a single person in the world can say they don’t like: travelling.


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