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Pros & Cons of Time Clocks

Time clocks are tools used by employees to keep track of employee hours worked. While using time clocks carries some benefits, a number of issues arise with their use that employers should consider.


Cons of Time Clocks



The purpose of a time clock is to give a definitive number as to how many hours a person has worked. The employee checks his time card in and out using the clock.



There are biometric, electronic and punch-card time clocks. The printed time sheets of the punch card time clock are difficult to change and falsify. The biometric and electronic time clocks typically use an electronic thumb scan or employee ID to check in and out. Hours worked are sent directly to accounting and make it easier to tabulate hours worked.



Depending on the time clock used, a company may spend lots of time exporting data to the accounting system. The risk of buddy-punching, where employees punch in each other when the other is not there, can be an issue for many time clock systems.


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