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Pregnancy Tips for Dads

As an expectant father, you may be very excited about the birth of your baby but unsure what you can do at this point. After all, your partner is the one carrying the baby. But there are lots of things you can do during the pregnancy to help ease the workload on your partner, prepare your home and prepare yourself for the new life ahead of you once your little miracle actually arrives.


Pregnancy Tips for Dads


Educate Yourself

The best thing you can do is educate yourself so you know what to expect from the pregnancy, what changes will be occurring and what to expect once the baby has arrived. Read lots of books, baby- and pregnancy-related websites, and talk to any friends who have gone through the experience, as they might have some useful advice or words of wisdom.


Get the Finances Under Control

Babies are incredibly expensive, and because your partner will already be exhausted and under a lot of stress, take the time to work on the finances, create a budget and start saving. Try not to stress out too much over the expense of bringing a child into the world, though, as you can make arrangements with the hospital and doctors to put together a payment plan to accommodate your needs.


Go to Classes and Doctor Appointments

Go to birthing classes with your partner and to her doctor appointments whenever possible. This keeps you both up to date on everything that’s going on, brings you together and helps you bond, and creates lasting memories of the entire process you are both going through.


Create a Birth Plan

Work on a birth plan with your partner and discuss options. Make sure you understand your partner’s feelings on the major points of the plan so you will be able to speak on her behalf in case she is unable to at the time.


Design and Prepare the Nursery

Spend time with your partner and work on the baby’s room side by side, as it brings you together and starts the process of making decisions for your child together. Do everything together, from picking out the paint to putting the finishing touches on the crib.

You will need to do all the painting because pregnant women shouldn’t be around the fumes. You’ll also need to do the major moving and assembly of baby items.


Be Supportive

Support your partner as much as possible, especially during emotional moments. A woman’s hormones go crazy during pregnancy, so you never know what to expect. Just be as supportive and accepting as possible. Pamper her and schedule date nights out so the two of you can just be regular people and forget about the stresses of pregnancy for a little while.


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