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Pregnancy Stages in the Third Trimester

Being pregnant is both a joy and a pain, literally. Your body is changing and stretching in ways it never has before, and that’s not an easy thing, especially as your pregnancy progresses. The third trimester is reminiscent of the the first trimester, just more uncomfortable, but it’s worth the end result.


Pregnancy Stages



The third trimester of pregnancy is riddled with backaches, heartburn, leg cramps and shortness of breath, but eating a healthy diet can help alleviate some of these symptoms. Check with your doctor if the pain becomes too much.



The third trimester brings more frequent urination due to the baby’s position, and in some cases, you may even urinate a little when you cough or sneeze.



Braxton-Hicks contractions become more obvious and more frequent during the last trimester; if this is your first child, you’ll probably be rushing to the hospital more than once thinking you’re in labor.



The third trimester is usually a major weight gain trimester for most women, as the baby continues to grow. Most likely you will suddenly gain more weight than you have in other trimesters.



A line from your belly button to your pubic bone will appear during the third trimester. Also, if it hasn’t already, your belly button may pop out.


Your Baby

The wrinkles in baby’s skin become less prominent as he gains weight, and the lanugo, little fuzzy hairs, disappears from his body. Her eyes are opening and closing, and she responds to light while she builds a strong skeleton.



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