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Pregnancy Shopping List

Before the big day arrives — otherwise known as your due date — you will need to stock up on all of the baby essentials. While it may be tempting to hit the baby store and buy up everything in sight, creating a shopping list during pregnancy can help you to get organized, save time and even save money. Don’t forget to purchase things you will need for yourself before and after delivery.


Pregnancy Shopping List


Items for Your Health

Although your cravings may center on greasy fast food burgers, salty chips and sugary candy, eating nutritious foods during your pregnancy is key to both your and your baby’s health. It’s crucial for pregnant moms to follow their doctor’s advice when it comes to eating and taking nutritional supplements.

Add fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat or skim milk, low-fat yogurt and lean meats such as chicken to your weekly grocery list during pregnancy and postpartum, if you’re breastfeeding. Additionally, don’t forget to add on the prenatal vitamins that your doctor either prescribes or recommends. Unless your doctor specifically prescribes other supplements, keep other vitamins off of your list. These may have dosages that are too high for a pregnant woman or may negatively affect your baby.


Body Basics

There’s no doubt that your body is changing during pregnancy. From stretching skin to hormonal changes, your body may seem almost alien to you. Add a few items to your pregnancy shopping list that will help to mediate the effects that pregnancy — and the postpartum period — have on your body.

The American Pregnancy Association notes that stretch marks are the lines that show up across a woman’s abdominal area, as well as other areas, due to the stretching of the skin and increased hormone levels. Add a cream or oil that is labeled as safe for pregnancy to your shopping list to help combat stretch marks. The specific product that you choose is dependent on what you like — some women prefer a lush cream, while others want a slick oil — and what you feel works for you. Other body basics to add to your pregnancy shopping list include a nipple cream — to ease cracking and discomfort while nursing — and nipple pads to catch any post-pregnancy leaks.


Clothing for You

Buying maternity clothes is most likely a no-brainer as your belly grows during your pregnancy, but you may want to make a pregnancy, and post-pregnancy, shopping list that includes some often forgotten items. This list may include comfortable underwear that will fit during pregnancy and immediately after as well as nursing bras. You may also want to include a cute, but comfy, set of pajamas to take to the hospital with you so you can change out of the standard-issue hospital gown for your stay.


Baby List

Chances are that your pregnancy list for baby will be more than extensive. If you’ve already had your shower, delete any of the items that your friends and family have given you. Include categories of baby items such as furniture, safety, clothing, care and feeding. Your furniture list may include a glider, a bassinet, a crib and mattress, a changing table and a chest of drawers.

Also add safety and transport items to your list such as a newborn car seat carrier, a stroller, outlet covers, baby gates and cabinet door latches. Although your friends may have gifted you with plenty of newborn clothes, make sure you have onesies, socks, caps, receiving blankets and clothing in larger sizes on your list. Care items that you will need to put on your list include gentle baby shampoo, lotion, a baby bathtub, wash cloths, diaper cream, diapers — at least two packages of both newborn and size 1 — and wipes. Lastly, you should put feeding items on your list such as bottles, newborn-sized nipples and formula.


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