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Pregnancy & Phentermine

A pregnant woman has to watch everything she puts in her body. From food to X-rays, pregnancy is all about trying to avoid anything that may harm the unborn baby. On the top of the lists of things to be cautious of when pregnant is prescription medication. Amphetamines like phentermine should be avoided at all costs for women who are or may be pregnant.




Phentermine (also known as phenyltertiarybutylamine) is an appetite suppressant used for weight loss in obese patients who suffer from medical risk. It releases chemicals in the brain to control the patient’s appetite. Phentermine is intended to be joined with diet, practice and shaping new dietary patterns. It is accessible just with a specialist’s solution.


Side Effects

Phentermine is meant to be used in a comprehensive weight loss program that includes exercise and dietary changes. It should only be taken as prescribed. Even when taken as prescribed, phentermine can have side effects. Increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure are associated with the use of phentermine. Patients may also experience insomnia, dry mouth or changes in libido. Dizziness, anxiety and overstimulation are additionally regular reactions of phentermine.



As an amphetamine, phentermine can be addictive. It is not recommended for those who have had previous drug or alcohol problems. It can lead to intense psychological dependence as well as a physical dependency. Once the patient is addicted to the phentermine, stopping taking the drug completely can result in extreme fatigue, mental depression and insomnia. Taking the phentermine dosage as prescribed is very important. In the event that reliance is suspected, the patient should look for medicate reliance help right away.



Any woman who is pregnant, may be pregnant or is breastfeeding should be very careful about the medications she takes. She should contact her physician before taking any medication, especially prescription drugs. As a weight-loss drug, phentermine should not be used in pregnant women. Phentermine in particular has never been tested on pregnant women and the effects of it are unknown on unborn babies.

However, amphetamines in general can have adverse effects on unborn children. Mothers who use amphetamines risk having babies with a low birth weight. Babies exposed to amphetamines also have a high risk of birth defects involving the heart, blood vessels and bones. Since amphetamines suppress appetite, women who use them during pregnancy often have babies with nutritional deficiencies.



Post-pregnancy weight loss is a major concern for new mothers. Still, phentermine should not be used while breastfeeding your baby. Anything that you ingest has a chance of being secreted into breast milk. As an amphetamine, phentermine stimulates the central nervous center and can lead to tremors, ticks and other side effects.


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