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Pregnancy Gifts for a Wife

Pregnancy is an exciting, but challenging time. Support your wife and make her feel better during those emotional, uncomfortable months. Give her a gift to bring a smile to her face and aid her in her time of need.

Pregnancy Gifts for a Wife



Encourage your wife to pamper herself with gifts such as bubble shower, loofahs, agreeable socks and covers. Arrange for her to have a spa day complete with a pregnancy massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. If a complete spa day isn’t her thing–or is out of your budget–get her a foot bath so she can soak her tired, swollen feet at the end of the day.


Skin Care Set

Buy her skin creams and oils designed for expectant mothers. The products will make her skin feel soft and ease any itching she has from the skin stretching and expanding. Better yet, rub the cream on her every day, so she can relax while you give her a gentle, full-body massage.


Body Pillow

Sleeping can be very uncomfortable while pregnant. If your wife used to be a stomach sleeper, she may worry about rolling over onto her belly. A body pillow provides extra support and comfort in bed. Your wife can also use it to prevent herself from rolling over during the night.


Work Around The House Unprompted

Show you care by helping out around the house. Do chores without being told to. Make dinner, clean the bathroom, do the laundry or dust and vacuum. Your pregnant wife will be exhausted, and housework is the last thing she’ll want to do.


Reading Material

Purchase a subscription to one or more pregnancy and parenting magazines. Buy her books on pregnancy and taking care of a baby. This will help ease her worries, and educate you both about what to expect and answer any questions you might have about becoming parents.


Sexy Lingerie

Get her some maternity lingerie to help her feel sexy in her new shape. This will help reassure her that you think she is beautiful no matter what.


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