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Pregnancy Gag Gifts

Make your favorite pregnant woman smile by presenting her with gag gifts to lighten her mood at any time, or for a special occasion such as a baby shower. Choose inexpensive items to create baskets full of digestive delights, put a silly spin on maternity clothes or make some special presents just to tickle her funny bone.


Pregnancy Gag Gifts


Gift Baskets

What would pregnancy be without morning sickness? Put together an Upchuck Basket with items for a nauseous mother-to-be. Include a Queasy Writer journal to document every stomach-turning minute, a box of saltines, a few packets of unflavored instant oatmeal, a hair scrunchie or headband, a hand towel and a container of mouth wipes (diaper wipes with a new label).

Present the expectant mom with a Creatively Constipated basket featuring a box of prunes, a large bottle of prune juice, a container of natural-fiber laxative and a tube of hemorrhoid cream. Add a few of her favorite magazines and a roll of toilet paper tied with a pretty bow.



For all the changes in store for the mother-to-be, buy an assortment of bras ranging from an A-cup to a G-cup or the largest size you can find. Present her with a few pairs of extra-wide ankle socks purchased from a medical specialty store or website.

Create a special hospital gown for delivery day by pinning a row of diaper pins along the back opening. Give her a lanyard with directions for attaching her wedding ring to it on the days when her ring finger is too swollen to wear it.


Specialty Gifts

Present the expectant mother with torn strips of newspaper and a bottle of white glue so that she can make a papier mache mold of her pregnant belly. Create a calorie chart designed especially for pregnant women, with every food’s calorie count totalling zero.

Write a poem about pregnancy’s pitfalls and frame it for her. Create a scrapbook featuring pictures of the mother-to-be in a variety of settings and activities. Cut out the belly area on each one and place a huge, hand-drawn pregnant belly over it. Include the father-to-be with a gift of heavy-duty work gloves to wear while the laboring mother squeezes his hands in the delivery room.


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