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Pregnancy Cast Painting Ideas

Many women love their pregnant belly so much that they choose to capture the moment by making a belly cast. Creating a belly cast turns your pregnant belly into a keepsake that can also become a wall decoration.

Many belly casts are white, making it the perfect blank canvas for painting. Belly casts can be bronzed, spray painted or even signed at a baby shower.

Cast Painting Ideas



The seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall offer a wide array of painting ideas. Each season has its own beauty. Choose your favorite season or the season the baby will be born in to paint the belly cast. For spring paint bright flowers, whimsical insects and a light blue background.

Holidays that take place during a certain season capture the feel of the season, so you could paint a Christmas or Easter themed belly cast.



If you are interested in astrology, paint a collage of the 12 astrological signs with the background painted black with sparkling stars. Paint your sign or the baby’s sign on the belly cast. Paint the horoscope reading for the day the baby was born on the belly cast. You can also paint personality traits of the sign throughout along with the dates.


Baby Nursery Theme

Since the belly cast often serves as decoration, make it a part of your baby’s nursery. Use the same or similar color scheme of the nursery to paint the belly cast. If you are using characters such as Winnie the Pooh, perhaps turning your belly cast into a buzzing bee hive or honey pot would make a relevant addition to the nursery wall.



Painting a beautiful mosaic on your belly cast may take a lot of time but the results can mimic a true work of art. A painted mosaic belly cast can be a decoration in any room of the house. Use glossy, shimmering paints that will reflect sunlight and give the belly cast a tiled look. Contrasting colors add an eye-catching effect.


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