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Positive Self Image Activities

Self-image is the mental concept or picture you have of yourself. Manifesting a positive self-image can be an asset in all areas of life, whereas a poor self-image can have negative effects in everything from work performance to relationships.

Today’s media puts forth a constant stream of “perfect” human images that can make it difficult to maintain a healthy self assessment. However, there are some exercises and activities you can perform to help improve your self-image.

Self Image Activities


Mirror Exercise

Although the mirror can sometimes seem like an enemy, taking an honest assessment of your appearance can be the first step to repairing your self-image. Before approaching the mirror, put yourself in a positive mood and gear your thoughts toward the affirmative.

Then, spend five minutes looking at yourself in the mirror, guiding your eyes to every attractive feature. Let these be the parts of yourself you remember when you walk away from the mirror. Everyone has features that are imperfect, but people with a good self-image are conscious of their best parts.


Self-Talk Time

Internal self-talk is the birthplace of our self-image. You may not even notice, but if you have a low self-image, you almost certainly speak negative words about yourself to yourself throughout the day.

However, changing your words lays the foundation for a new self-concept. For this activity, set aside a certain amount of time each day during which your only mission is to remain conscious of your thoughts. Take notice of how often your thoughts turn against you. Once this negative voice is put in the spotlight, you can begin to take steps toward silencing it.



Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side, write down all the negative thoughts and beliefs you have about your appearance. Once you’ve completed the list, title it something like “Lies About Myself.” It may seem silly, but it can help you to gear your mind toward thinking differently.

On the other side of the paper, make a replacement list of all the things you like about yourself. If you can’t think of any at first, don’t give up. It may be because you’ve thought in a negative pattern for so long that it’s difficult to think in positive terms. Call this side of the paper “Truth About Myself” or something similar and commit to thinking on and believing this part of the catalog.


Imagination Exercise

Imagination is the term used to describe the formation of images or concepts in the mind. Thus, your self-image is a part of your imagination and is therefore something you can control. For this exercise, use your imagination to see yourself as the person you would like to be.

Try to see every detail clearly. Then allow this construct of your imagination to become your new self-image. As you allow it to become real to you, it can change your attitudes and your behaviors that can, in turn, positively affect the way others treat you.


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