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Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

Keeping focused on weight loss and maintaining the motivation to move forward through the rigors of a restrictive diet and demanding exercise routine can be quite a challenge. Stave off your growing disdain for the treadmill by cheering yourself on with some positive thinking.


Positive Affirmations


I Don’t Need It

Before you find yourself reaching for that second 100-calorie bar, remind yourself that you do not need it. Remind yourself that you can survive until the next meal without those extra calories.


I Can Control It

Once you walk away from that extra snack, pat yourself on the back for taking control over your food choices.


I Can Do It

As you slowly approach your treadmill, your feet heavy with dread, plan out your walk, jog or run on the machine. Set a goal in your mind, program it into the machine, place the towel over the controls and tell yourself that you can do it.


I Can Finish It

Those moments on the treadmill can feel like an eternity. Take a peek at the countdown on the controls and think about how much you have accomplished in the minutes that have passed already.

Push yourself to completing the plan that you set out with by affirming that you can finish it.


I Did It!

Once you step off that treadmill, celebrate your victory. Despite all of the moments in the day that you felt that it was impossible, you did it.


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