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Poodle Training Guide

Poodles are considered among the most intelligent and easily trained of all dogs. Generally, this breed is alert, cheerful, and willing to learn, so most owners have found that basic obedience training and house training come without a lot of difficulty.

There seems to be little difference in temperament between male and female, though each dog, of course, is an individual.


How to Train Poodle

Contrary to some opinions about their daintiness, the Poodle is actually a quite sturdy dog that is listed in the gun dog/hunting dog category. This breed has been around for hundreds of years, as far back as Egyptian and Roman times.

The Poodle was bred to be a water dog, used for retrieving game and accompanying the master on outdoor adventures. Its roots may extend back to Asian herding dogs and German dogs that were widely used in and around the water. The Poodle may also be closely related to the Portuguese dog known for its rugged nature in and around the water.

With this in mind, you may want to reconsider how the Poodle fits into your family picture. In fact, some of the recognizable grooming associated with the Poodle was done to protect certain parts of the body during outdoor activity. This breed is excellent at learning tricks and performing in front of people. Agility and balance are among the most revered traits of the breed.

This breed loves to work with its owner/master in agility competition, tricks competition, and even outdoor trials. While basic obedience training is good for any new pet, your Poodle may be great at obedience trials. These competitions show how the dog and handler perform as a team. Beginning with the basics, such as sit, heel and stay are necessary before advancing to increasingly difficult obedience tasks.


Poodle Training Guide


According to the American Kennel Club, there are several levels of poodle training available for owners of purebred dogs. These levels range from the puppy classes that emphasize socialization and basic household commands to events training such as agility, advanced obedience and tracking. In fact, the Poodle Club of America has its own specialty competitions for the breed.

Among the competitions available to those who want to pursue something beyond basic obedience training, there is freestyle obedience. This competition involves performing a set routine, with accompanying music. The routine can involve turns, jumps, and other actions designed by the handler or owner.

Poodles can also be very successful in agility competitions. This is a growing canine sport, with clubs and organizations throughout the country holding competitions. The dog is judged on speed and accuracy.

The course can include ramps, jumps, weaving poles and much more. There are organizations devoted specifically to freestyle and agility competitions. If you have been through basic obedience and house training with your new Poodle, you may want to look into activity at a higher level.

One of the activities that seem to attract Poodle owners, as well as owners of other quick, agile pets, is fly ball. This relatively new competition involves chasing tennis balls over a course that includes hurdles. Essentially, this competition tests the dog’s agility, speed and intelligence, as well as the obedience training the dog has received.

The final goal is to retrieve a ball and return it to the starting point. A Poodle’s natural intelligence and agility make this breed ideal for fly ball competition. Whatever the level of training you choose for your Poodle, you will probably find that this breed is exceptional when it comes to learning something new.


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