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Poodle Breed Information

Many people think of the Poodle as a beautiful show dog that is self-possessed and even a bit fragile. While this may be true to some extent, this breed is actually considered a gun dog with excellent skills in bird hunting and in the water. In fact, the name comes from an Old German word, pudel, meaning “to splash about.” Most dogs of the breed have strong instincts to point and help in bird hunts.

The Poodle breed is recognized in most clubs and organizations as having three distinct sizes – standard, miniature, and toy. The sizes are distinguished by height and weight that separate Poodles into three distinct categories for show and breeding purposes.

The Poodle is considered an extremely intelligent breed, used for many years to perform in circuses and other shows. The Poodle can be an excellent watchdog and most are very good with children.


Poodle Temperament

Standards for the miniature and standard Poodles are the same except for height, according to the American Kennel Club. The Poodle is very intelligent and has an appearance of dignity. However, this is actually a mellow breed, for the most part, especially if well socialized as a young dog. The Poodle can be quite active but is not usually shy or very aggressive.

Poodles are very trainable and great at learning tricks. The dogs of this breed love to be involved with all family members and most will love to play with children.

Working with a top breeder is important with the Poodle because young dogs from some bloodlines tend to be a bit nervous and over-sensitive. Poodles tend to be comfortable with other dogs and other family pets.

Poodle Temperament


Poodle Size and Color

The standard Poodle can be well over 15 inches in height and weigh from 45 to 70 pounds, considerably more than the 15 or 16 pounds of the miniature. The miniature Poodle will stand from 11 to 15 inches in height. The toy Poodle generally stands about 11 inches in height and weighs 10 pounds or slightly less.

Most solid colors are accepted for the Poodle: white, brown, red, white, black, blue etc. Some variations in the solid-color coat are acceptable and not considered a fault when being judged. Most of the solid color Poodles has black noses and lips and very dark eyes.

Poodle Size and Color


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Poodle Feeding and Grooming Requirements

The styling of the coat is a key element for showing a Poodle as well as for the Poodle that engages in hunting and other outdoor activity. The Poodle coat is usually groomed in one of three styles: pet or puppy clip that is short all over; English saddle clip; and the Continental clip with rear half of body shaved, bracelets on ankles and pom-poms on the tail and hips. The coat can be either curly or corded, with the latter resulting from being left to form into longer cords.

Poodles need quite a bit of grooming, and should be bathed regularly. The coat should be clipped about every six weeks or so. Many owners eventually choose to have the coat clipped to an even length all over, for ease of care. The more elaborate coat style, such as the Continental clip, is most often seen on show dogs.

Poodles are active dogs and need high-quality nutrition. It may be best to avoid lower-cost commercial foods because of the high grain content. Some dogs have allergic reactions to the corn, wheat, and soy in these foods.

Poodle Feeding and Grooming Requirements

Poodle Exercise Needs

The Poodle does not usually need excessive amounts of exercise. This breed will do well with occasional walks and when allowed to play and run occasionally. Smaller Poodles, such as the toy and miniature, will do well in an apartment or small home.

Keep in mind, however, that the Poodle is, by nature, a hunting/gun dog that will enjoy being outdoors and running free. This breed can also be good in agility and trick competitions.

Poodle Exercise Needs


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