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Points on Dealing With Culture Shock

First there is the honeymoon stage. Then there is the crisis aka Culture shock! To sum it up I want to restate this point. To get beyond culture shock really requires self-conscious effort to understand.


Dealing With Culture Shock

1 1. Culture Shock

Is the feeling of confusion, disorientation and uncertainty someone feels when in an unfamiliar culture or way of life. Most people feel this to some degree when they experience new cultures and or ways of life.

These difficulties can be very personal to an individual. To get beyond the reactions or feelings of culture shock really requires self-conscious effort to understand.


2 2. Before You Leave Home

Research! Educate yourself about where you are going. Learn about the country you are visiting, the sights you are going to see and the people and what they are like.

Read reviews, the positive and the negative things people experienced. They can give you insight and help prepare you. There are lots of resources to help you get well prepared. Take advantage of them!


3 3. Keep a Journal

Journaling is generally therapeutic and it can really help with processing in any situation, so dealing with culture shock is no exception!

Share about the circumstances and situations in your journal but also try to really talk about your thoughts and emotions about them. These are the aspects that will really help you process how you are feeling and express it in a healthy way.


4 4. Being Positive

It is not weird. Just different! Be open minded! Do not look down on other cultures, just try and accept that they aredifferent and work on embracing those differences.

You will need a break, so give yourself one. You will need get upset about things, that is OK. Over all though it is important to keep a positive outlook as being negative will only prolong the feelings frustration.


5 5. Stay Healthy

Get enough sleep and take days off whether from work or from touring around to see the sights. Eat properly, get the food you need. Take the time, spend the money!

Exercise will help you to stay strong. There are enough other stresses to deal with! Try to get into a routine that includes the above. These things will help you stay positive and overcome the culture shock.


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