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Places to Take a Wife for Her Birthday That Are Less Than $100

You want to do something different for your wife on her birthday. Last year, you went to a movie that she hated and the year before that you stayed in and rented DVDs. This year you want something the two of you have never done before, but you’re on a budget.

That’s okay.

There are several options to creating a special and romantic birthday for you and your wife. The best part is each is under $100.


Last year you tried a restaurant where your wife hated the food, and the atmosphere was rather blah. Take this old traditional idea and put a new spin on it. This time, take her to a romantic, sunset dinner on the beach for her birthday.

If you want to make it an all day event, go around lunch time so you can swim, eat and swim again. After that, spend some time basking in the sun while sipping on a glass of champagne. You can bring a full picnic basket lunch of chicken, potato salad and corn, or you can scale it down and include lighter items such as fruit, cheese and wine.

Present her with a specially made birthday cake at the end of the evening. This idea works for just you and your wife, or for the two of you with family and friends. The only cost is the food.



Botanical Garden

If your wife is a flower lover, spend the afternoon with her strolling through a botanical garden. Wind your way through beautifully manicured lawns while taking in the delicate, fresh scent of roses and other colorful flowers.

Take a few minutes to kick back and relax by a flowing fountain. For a special birthday surprise, arrange for the staff at the café to gift her with a beautifully decorated birthday cake. The only cost is the admission price and any food and souvenirs you might purchase along the way.

Botanical Garden



This is not the type of club where loud, throbbing music is blasting in your ear. If your wife is into jazz, take her to a jazz club with a live band. You will be able to sit and relax while listening to some soothing music.

Order a few drinks and maybe some appetizers and enjoy. If she’s not into jazz, try a comedy club. Everyone likes to laugh and have a good time. Head out to a Karaoke bar if she wants to try her hand at singing. Make it fun and invite a few of your closest friends for a big birthday bash throw down. The only cost is the admission price and any food and beverages you might purchase.

Places to Take a Wife for Her Birthday


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