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Places to Purchase Trip Insurance

Most trips are completed without unpleasant negative incidents. However, in rare cases something happens when traveling that can cause major problems or even bring the trip to a halt. There are a number of options to insure against these possibilities.

If you have a credit card, you may already have some coverage. Insurance is also available from travel clubs and private insurers, depending on your needs.


Travel Clubs

Travel clubs such as the AAA are good places to find trip and travel insurance. Insurance can be bought to cover trip cancellation or interruption insurance, supplemental health insurance for coverage outside of the United States, luggage insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.


Trip Insurance


Credit Card Companies

A number of credit card companies offer benefits similar to trip insurance. For example, Visa offers emergency cash disbursements and emergency card replacement in case your credit card is lost, among other benefits. MasterCard, in addition to similar services as Visa, also offers lost or damaged luggage coverage, which Visa offers on some cards.

American Express offers these services and also provides flight insurance up to $2 million and travel delay insurance. Other travel insurance may be available for a fee, so it is important to talk with your credit card company about other optional services.


Travel Insurance Carriers

A number of insurance carriers specifically offer travel insurance. You can buy coverage before your trip or, in some cases, from a kiosk or sales staff in the airport. Some companies offer insurance for a single trip or annual insurance for people who travel a lot.

Trip delay, accidental death and dismemberment, and luggage insurance are often included in privately purchased travel insurance. In many cases, international travelers may want to purchase supplemental health insurance to cover health care abroad. Some travel insurance companies also provide insurance to cover emergency dental care.

If you are unsure, for work reasons, of whether you will be able to take a trip, some travel insurance companies will insure your trip against work-related cancellation of travel plans.


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