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Physical Side Effects of Abortions

Having an abortion can be a difficult experience, both mentally and physically. If a woman has made the decision to terminate a pregnancy, she should be aware of the process. There will most likely be physical side effects as a result of the procedure. These side effects vary greatly, and can become very serious.


Side Effects of Abortions


Abdominal Pain and Cramping

The most common side effect after having an abortion is pain in the abdomen or cramping. The cramping may feel similar to menstrual cramps, but at times may be stronger than normal cramping. Abdominal pain and cramping should subside within two to four weeks after the procedure.


Nausea and Diarrhea

Some women experience nausea and diarrhea after having an abortion. These symptoms should also subside within a few weeks.


Spotting and Bleeding

Some women may not experience bleeding, while others may bleed heavily. There should never be large clots in the blood and if the woman if bleeding profusely, she should contact a health professional. Normal spotting and bleeding should only last two to three weeks following the termination.


Severe and Dangerous Complications

There is a difference between normal physical side effects and deadly complications. A woman can experience heavy bleeding with large clots, leading to an extreme loss of blood.

There is also an increased risk for an infection, which is why doctors may prescribe antibiotics following an abortion. It is very important for the woman to attend a follow up with the physician after the procedure. This will help determine if there are any complications from the abortion. If a woman is experiencing extreme pain, bleeding or a high fever she should contact a physician immediately.


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