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Parts in a Business Letter

Business letters have many purposes. Individuals and companies use business letters to inform, persuade and promote. Knowing the parts of a business letter will help you to compose well-written letters that communicate your purpose effectively.

Business Letter



The date is typed two lines from the top of the letter. Write the month first, then the day, followed by a comma and then the four-digit year.


Recipient Address

The recipient’s address is typed one line below the date and should be left-justified. Include the recipient’s name on the first line, the street on the second line and the city, state abbreviation and zip code on the third line.



Address the recipient by his complete full name, followed by a colon.



The body of a business letter begins one line below the salutation. Use left justification and single spacing within each paragraph. Use a single space between each paragraph.



One line below the last paragraph of the body of the business letter, include the closing, which consists of a remark, such as “Thank you” or “Sincerely” and the sender’s name. Capitalize the first letter of the closing remark. Type the sender’s name four lines below the closing remark. Use the space between the closing remark and the sender’s name for your signature.


Enclosure and Typist Initials.

If you have included additional documents with your business letter, type “Enclosure/s,” one line below the sender’s name in the closing. Omit the typist’s initials if you have typed the letter yourself.


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