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Pampering Gifts for Pregnant Mothers

Aching back, sore sides, headaches and nausea all accompany pregnancy, but a pampering gift can do more than ease her sundry pains.

The right gift can assure your wife, daughter, sister or friend that she is irreplaceable and appreciated for being more than the mom that she’s about to be. It can tell her that she is awesome because of who she already is.

Gifts for Pregnant Mothers


What Are Her Needs?

Pregnancy and childbirth are wondrous things, but if you are aiming for a gift that is truly special, go for something that has nothing to do with the upcoming event. Everyone does the standard maternity massage or pedicure/manicure for the mommy to be, so if you are planning a spa trip for the two of you, get her a facial instead or an aromatherapy session. Better yet, buy a salon gift certificate and let her choose what she wants.

Look at the things that she is most likely to place on hold once the baby arrives. These things may not initially strike you as being in the pampering category but what makes you feel more at ease than doing something you love? Does she like writing?

Buy her a couple nights of solitude at a nearby conference center for her to be alone with her muse. Does she love old movies? Make a gift basket with classics that you know she doesn’t have, along with her favorite snacks and have a date night or a girl’s night in to watch them.

If she’s been stressed at work, arrange for a couple days off for her as a surprise and drive to the beach for a long weekend. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive, just a getaway for her to recoup and enjoy this time in her life.


What Are Her Wants?

Buy her something she would never buy for herself. Is there a necklace she would love to have but considers it too extravagant? Does she love roses, but is waiting on someone else to buy them?

Buy a 12-month subscription from a floral company, and bless her with a different bouquet every month for a year. Let her know that she deserves more than she realizes. Understanding how special she is as a person will undoubtedly make her a better mother.


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