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Owning an Akita Inu : Breeder Recommendations

Of all dog breeds in the world today, the Japanese Akita Inu is ranked as one of the most loyal and faithful. This particular breed loves his master unconditionally, providing protection and love. First bred back in the 17th century for hunting and fighting, the Akita is today an amazing dog. The appearance of the Akita is strong and proud, boasting a beautiful, double coat, curly tail, and alert eyes.


Things to Know Before Getting an Akita Inu

Owning an Akita Inu

If you are thinking about adding an Akita to your family, you want to choose carefully. Since this breed is naturally protective, proper breeding to ensure aggressiveness is removed is important. Keep in mind that even quality puppies must be properly trained and socialized. Although the Akita is great with children, they are typically not good with other dogs when grown. Therefore, we wanted to provide you with some tips on buying specific to this breed so you can end up with an incredible breed to enjoy.

Recognized by the American Kennel Club, the Akita would need to fall under specific guidelines for show and breeding. For instance, the breed’s head is large, which is balanced by the long, curled tail. You would notice the head being flat between the ears but then wide. The jaw should be square and very little dewlap. From there, the head of the Akita would form a sharp triangle, which would be seen when looking down from up above.

For the eyes of the Akita puppy, these should be dark brown, small, and set deeply. In addition, the rims of the eyes should be black and tight. As far as the breed’s lips, these should be black but the tongue should be healthy and pink. Although a puppy will not yet have adult teeth, you should look for any signs of an under or overbite, which would be disqualifying factors. Then, the Akita’s neck should be muscular and somewhat short. The actual body would include a wide and deep chest with the depth being half of the length at the shoulder. The back of the Akita would be level and muscular.

Finally, the tail of this breed is one of the distinguishing features. Therefore, even an Akita puppy should have a large, full tail that curls up over the back and drapes to the side. In fact, some puppies will have a double curl, which is fine. By paying attention to the standards set forth by the American Kennel Club, you will know what to look for. This way, in addition to working with a reputable breeder, you also have the appropriate information to buy a healthy and strong dog.


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Owning an Akita Inu : Breeder Recommendations


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