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Owning a Rottweiler : Breeder Recommendations

Unfortunately, the Rottweiler is often thought of as a mean and vicious dog. The truth is that if raised by a reputable breeder, socialized early, and trained properly, the Rottweiler makes a loving, affectionate, trusting, and sweet-natured dog.

Because the Rottweiler is among breeds of dogs that have a natural assertiveness, the most important thing is to buy from a breeder that knows what he or she is doing in breeding and raising this type of dog.


Things to Know Before Getting a Rottweiler

Buying your Rottweiler puppy from an ethical breeder is your best chance of ending up with a good-natured dog. This type of breeder should focus only on Rottweiler puppies and should never breed a female less than two years of age.

In addition, you want to look for a breeder that has both the male and female dogs they breed OFA certified, which means they are tested for hip dysplasia, along with other genetic defects that could be passed on to the puppies.

Then, you want a breeder for your Rottweiler puppy that offers you a contract should you end up with a sick puppy. Typically, the contract would provide a clause stating you would get money back or a new puppy in certain instances. Then, just as you should ask tons of questions when buying a Rottweiler, the breeder should also ask questions. In fact, do not be surprise if some breeders would want to visit your home to see where the puppy will live.

After narrowing your search to about two to three good breeders, we suggest you ask specific questions. For instance, remember to ask if the puppies themselves have been OFA certified. Then, make sure the puppies have had their eyes CERF certified against eye disease and inquire about any other type of testing so you know exactly what has and has not been done.


Owning a Rottweiler


When visiting the different Rottweiler breeders, insist on seeing at least the mother, and preferably the father too. This provides you with a visual so you can see body size, characteristics, and markings that would likely be passed down to the puppy.

To show you how important this is, expert breeders estimate that approximately 40% of all Rottweiler puppies’ temperaments are directly linked to the mother so this is most important.

You also want to see where the puppies are being raised, looking for a puppy that fits in the middle of the road – not too bossy and not too shy. A good breeder will also not let Rottweiler puppies leave until they are 10 weeks of age.

Now, some will let puppies go around eight weeks, which is okay but 10 weeks is even better. At this age, the puppy is completely weaned and emotionally ready to leave. With the right breeder, you will have an amazing dog.

Rottweiler dogs are protective but they are also loving and typically excellent with children and other dogs.


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