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Owning a Poodle : Breeder Recommendations

There are several ways to go about buying a Poodle, one of the most popular dogs among U.S. families. You may decide that buying from a retail store is the way to go, though this route often leaves new owners with more questions than answers when it comes to the history of their puppy.

You may decide to buy from a neighbor who has always had Poodles. Again, there may be health and behavior problems that you will not know about until it is too late.


Things to Know Before Getting a Poodle

You might consider working with a top-quality breeder to ensure that the puppy you bring home is free of the inherited health conditions that can afflict purebred dogs. This may be the best route, because a good breeder is careful about the adult dogs he uses to produce litters. The reputable breeder will also spend time with the young dogs, making sure that they grow up in the right atmosphere.

The puppies’ diet will be chosen carefully, to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need. All of these things contribute to a good start for the young do. We recommend talking with at least three top breeders before bringing home your new pet.

There is another way to find the Poodle that you will add to your family as a pet. Many rescue organizations offer excellent adult dogs that can become great pets. However, there are special challenges new owners should be aware of when following this path.

The adult dog that grew up in a different home may have behavioral problems or physical problems that you will have to address from the beginning. This can lead to extra cost and frustration that you may not have with a new puppy.

Remember, the rewards of giving such a Poodle a new home can be worth all the effort. Most good rescue organizations have a specific adoption process that you will have to follow to get a dog. Some even have a waiting list because people want to help by giving these dogs a new home.


Owning a Poodle


You may find that the rescue organization does not hand out Poodles on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead, these groups often meet with the family members and take some extra time to make sure that the match between people and dog is the right one. Some rescue organizations even work through a volunteer “foster parent” for each dog. This person makes a home visit before a dog is placed in the home.

Here are some examples of the adult dogs and particular situations that you may find when you look into rescue/adoption. You may find an older dog with some minor eyesight problems. This dog may also have some arthritis problems that will have to be addressed too. However, the great personality of this mature dog might be a great fit for your family!

You may find a younger Poodle that is perfectly healthy and well behaved, but was not able to make the move to a new city because of the family’s living arrangements. This young dog may be housebroken and great with children, but was just unfortunate that the new apartment the family moved to would not allow pets.

You may find a six-year-old male that has been neutered and is in excellent health. This mature dog may have been left behind in a family move or just brought to the rescue organization when the owner felt he did not have the time and patience to live with a dog anymore.

If you are thinking about adding a Poodle to your family, there are a number of ways to find a new pet. Take your time and consider all the possible challenges before you make any decision.


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