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Owning a Miniature Schnauzer : Breeder Recommendations

If you are looking for a loyal, intelligent companion that will give you years of enjoyment and even act as a watchdog in your home, you may want to consider the Miniature Schnauzer.

This small, sturdy dog has a lot to offer to the right family because this breed is not only energetic and eager to please, but also sheds very little if any at all, making it perfect for those with allergy problems.

If you buy a well-socialized puppy from a good breeder, the Miniature Schnauzer can make an excellent pet.


Things to Know Before Getting Miniature Schnauzer

As with any dog, the key is buying from a reputable breeder. You should read everything you can about the Miniature Schnauzer and then visit at least three breeders, armed with questions about health, feeding, grooming, and much more. A good breeder will be open to questions of this sort and should be able to provide you with all the information you need to make an intelligent decision. You could buy from a retail store or backyard breeder, but if you do, you may end up with an unhealthy dog.

We recommend that you not necessarily select the first puppy that seems attracted to you. Instead, take your time to look at all the puppies, choosing one that is not too excited or one that is lazy. As you visit breeders, take your time in looking at the living conditions and the way the breeder interacts with his or her dogs. Check any papers and documents that come with the litter so you can ask questions about feeding, grooming, and possible genetic health problems in the bloodlines.


Owning a Miniature Schnauzer


Keep in mind that a good breeder will spend a lot of time with the puppies in the first eight weeks of life to make sure that they are well socialized and are comfortable with people and other dogs. This one factor can make a world of difference in the temperament of your new pet. In fact, a good breeder can make the difference between a great Miniature Schnauzer experience and a frustrating one.

Ask the breeder about certain eye conditions that are inherent with this breed, as well as about conditions such as bladder stones and diabetes. Sometimes, these medical conditions are found in Miniature Schnauzers, especially in puppies from breeders who are not careful to screen their breeding parents for the condition before their dogs produced a litter.

It may be difficult to think about losing a new pet, but you should ask the breeder what would happen if the dog becomes seriously ill shortly after you take the puppy home. As, about a money back guarantee or replacement puppy should a problem arise. These details, and others, should be spelled out in a written contract with the breeder.

Do not be afraid to ask about a contract and the details in it. Remember that having the right information about your Miniature Schnauzer is always better than not having enough.

aking the time and making the effort at the beginning of the process will help you avoid many problems later, after you have taken your new pet home.


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