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Owning a Miniature Pinscher : Breeder Recommendations

If you are looking for a small dog that is full of energy, one that would be sure to entertain and please you, then the Miniature Pinscher may be the pet for you. Just do not expect a cuddly lap dog if you bring the Miniature Pinscher home, because this breed is more likely to be in constant motion while moving with a great deal of pride and self-possession.

In fact, some owners say that their Miniature Pinscher will try to take control and be very stubborn and insistent. Therefore, you must establish some rules and limits from the beginning.


Things to Know Before Getting Miniature Pinscher

There are a number of terms to be used when describing the Miniature Pinscher. For instance, this breed is curious, intelligent, funny, and animated. The Miniature Pinscher will explore to the point of wanting to get away from you at every opportunity, so you should be prepared to take your new pet for walks on a leash, or have a fenced yard for the dog to run in and explore.

With these things in mind, the best way to start your search for a Miniature Pinscher is by reading everything you can find about this wonderful little dog. Then make plans to visit at least three reputable breeders, taking your time to visit and ask questions, while looking closely at the litter from which you would choose. You should also look at the conditions in which the puppies are raised.

While it may seem best to choose the first adorable puppy that is attracted to you, consider one of the puppies that are a bit less aggressive and less forward about coming to you. Sometimes, these young dogs make the best pets and may even be easier to train, fitting into your lifestyle much better. Of course, you could buy your Miniature Pinscher from a retail store or backyard breeder, but this route can sometimes lead you to bring a puppy home without getting all the background information you need.

A good breeder would be very open to questions about the parents of the litter, about any medical conditions that might be present, and about the best way to feed and care for your young dog. Ask to see both parents of the puppy and find out if the breeder takes the time to properly, socialize his young dogs during the first eight weeks of life. Getting a puppy that has been socialized to be comfortable with people and other dogs will take you a long way toward a good experience with your Miniature Pinscher.


Owning a Miniature Pinscher


It may be hard to think about something going seriously wrong with your new pet, but you should take the time to ask the breeder what will happen if your puppy gets very ill shortly after you take him home. You should ask about guarantees and about getting your money back or getting a replacement puppy.

If the young dog dies within a specified time, will you get a replacement or get your money back?

We highly recommend that you have a written contract with the breeder that spells out, in detail, what will happen in these situations. It is always best to have too much information rather than not enough. A few extra questions and a few extra minutes at the beginning can make a lot of difference over the lifetime of your new pet.

Take extra care when you are looking for your Miniature Pinscher, because its small size and powerhouse popularity have caused it to be over bred by some people, to the point that the puppies are not well-socialized or ready to be good family pets.

On the other hand, if you are careful and work with a good breeder, you should be able to enjoy the time with your Miniature Pinscher.


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