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Owning a English Springer Spaniel : Breeder Recommendations

If you are looking for an energetic, friendly dog that loves to run, swim, and be around people, the English Springer Spaniel might be just the dog for you.

This breed has been used as a hunting dog for many years, and is an excellent retriever of game.

Its name comes from the way it springs forward to flush game and from its knack of “springing” game from the brush and other hiding places.


Things to Know Before Getting an English Springer Spaniel

The process of buying any purebred dog should begin with learning all you can about the breed you are considering. Plan to visit at least three reputable breeders and ask many questions when you talk with each one. English Springer Spaniel puppies can look adorable but it is best to avoid choosing the first one that seems to be drawn to you or to pick the cutest one. Not all puppies are the same in personality so you should take care to get the puppy that will fit best in your home and family.

You could buy from a retail store but this may leave you with many questions unanswered and you may not get all the background information about the puppy’s parents that you will need to make a wise choice. If you decide to buy from a private party, such as an individual who has had a good Springer bred, you may be fortunate to get an excellent puppy, but again, you are taking the chance that you would not have all the facts about the dog’s blood lines. As you can imagine, this information is important in living with a healthy, happy dog.

Once you find three or more good breeders, take time to visit each one, looking close at the litter your puppy will come from and asking questions about the parents. Ask to see both the mother and father of the puppies and ask to see any documents, papers, and certificates that apply to your choice.


Owning an English Springer Spaniel


Good breeders would make sure the puppies raised receive the correct amount of attention, as well as be socialized so they are comfortable around humans and other dogs. Additionally, a reputable breeder would also start your puppy on a good diet, making sure that they have all necessary vaccinations.

Then, you should ask about some of the hereditary medical conditions an English Springer Spaniel can have, including hip dysplasia, dry skin, and degenerative eye diseases. The breeder should be more than willing to talk about these situations and be open with you about what he has done to make sure the puppies are healthy. When you buy a Springer from a top breeder, ask about current diet, as well as any other nutritional issues specific to this breed.

If there are certain health conditions you should be aware of, ask for details about taking care of these. Then, learn about guarantees and get everything in writing. Ask what will happen if your new dog gets sick or dies, for instance, would you be provided with a refund or a different puppy.

Remember that it is always better to have too much information than not enough when you are investing time and money in a quality dog such as an English Springer Spaniel. If you put in just a little more effort and time when you choosing your new pet, you should be rewarded with a good family friend in your English Springer Spaniel.


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