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Owning a Dalmatian : Breeder Recommendations

Dalmatians are certainly a most recognizable dog and for many years, this breed has been among the most popular family pets.

The Dalmatian’s natural friendliness and playful personality have made this dog a top choice for families around the world.

However, some things about this wonderful dog you should keep in mind as you are looking for that perfect puppy.


Owning an Dalmatian

Purebred dogs can be excellent pets and of the purebreds, the Dalmatian can be one of the best companions you and your children can have. It is important that you start by visiting a number of quality breeders so that you see how the dogs are raised and what stock they come from.

A reputable breeder should have already taken into account the healthy bloodlines of both parents of the puppies you are considering. This one factor can help eliminate many of the health and behavior problems new owners of Dalmatians encounter as time goes on.

For one thing, it is a known fact that about 10% of all Dalmatians are born deaf. This genetic tendency can be controlled to some extent if the breeder follows the suggestions of such major organizations as the American Kennel Club and uses only parent dogs that have excellent hearing in both ears.

There is a test, the BAER test, which will uncover hearing problems in puppies. Be sure to ask the breeder about this when you visit, and ask to see both parents of the puppies.

Dalmatians do have a great personality, by nature, and love to play and run. This can make them an excellent choice for a family that has a large yard or a family that is willing to take the time to exercise their pet daily.

Dalmatians can be sensitive and will respond to firm but loving demands, however, they do not do well if left alone for long periods of time and do not get daily exercise. This is another important item to keep in mind as you think about adding a Dalmatian to your family.

One of the keys to getting the right puppy for your family is to find a breeder who not only raises healthy dogs but also invests the time to socialize them, making sure that they are comfortable with humans and other dogs. Most experienced Dalmatian owners will urge you to visit at least three reputable breeders and to ask questions that will help clear up any doubts you may have.


Owning an Dalmatian


Ask about special health problems, about housebreaking and other training, and about grooming and feeding. The breeder should be open to these questions and have just about every answer if they are top-quality breeder.

When you get to the point of bringing a Dalmatian home, a couple of health and nutrition items need to be considered. Dalmatians tend to have high levels of uric acid in their urine and this makes them prone to things like kidney stones. Work with your breeder and veterinarian from the start to set a diet that is right for your new pet.

A diet that has all the proper nutrients but is not too high in protein is best for Dalmatians. It is also important to have plenty of water available at all times, as this will help keep the uric acid content down and help the dog avoid urinary tract problems.

There are many good reasons to choose a Dalmatian as your family pet. Many people have done this in recent years because the breed was made more popular by movies and television.

However, this may also have led to over breeding and weaker bloodlines for many dogs. Therefore, be sure to take time and care when you shop around for your perfect Dalmatian.


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