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Owning a Boxer : Breeder Recommendations

After careful consideration, you have finally made a decision to purchase a Boxer puppy. Without doubt, you will be thrilled with your choice in that this breed is protective but gentle, intelligent, playful, loving, and extremely faithful to its owner. Now, you need to work with a qualified breeder to ensure you end up with a strong, healthy, and happy puppy.

Remember, Boxer puppies are simply adorable so it would be easy just to choose the first one you see. Instead, you want to look for specific things and ask tons of questions.

Owning an Boxer


Owning an Boxer : Breeder Recommendations

For instance, a responsible breeder will have all the Boxer puppies tested for heartworm. In addition, depending on the age of the puppy, it may or may not be wormed and have its initial booster shots. When looking at puppies, you want to see bright, alert eyes, a shiny coat that is somewhat elastic and solid bone structure. Keep in mind that while some breeders will sell puppies less than eight weeks of age, we strongly discourage this. In fact, a puppy around 10 to 12 weeks would be far more settled and content.

You should also talk to the breeder about both parents, and if possible, ask to see the mother and father dog. Other questions should cover temperament, parent’s personality, socialization, history of health problems, lineage pertaining to show and breeding, food, and so on. The more information you can obtain the better chance of you buying a beautifully formed puppy.

A good breeder should welcome your questions with open arms. In fact, a good breeder should ask a number of questions to you as well, making sure the home is loving and right. If you find any breeder balking at answer questions or not asking you any questions, you should immediately see a red flag. Although this does not mean the breeder is a bad one, it could. Therefore, pay close attention to the information you are provided and asked.

If the puppies were less than eight weeks old, the breeder would likely require you to pay a deposit until the puppy is old enough to go home with you. Once the puppy is of appropriate age, you would return to pick it up and pay the balance of the purchase. This practice is perfectly normal, ensuring you get pick of the puppy you want and the breeder knows you are a serious buyer.

You can check with the Boxer Club, American Kennel Club, or even your veterinarian for options of finding a good breeder. If you have no luck, then use the internet to search for breeders but in this case, you always want to ask for references and then follow up on them. Additionally, the breeder should have solid credentials that you can check. Remember, if at any time you feel something is not quite right, listen to your instincts.


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