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Numbing Cream for Infant Ear Piercings

Many parents choose to use numbing cream on their infant’s ears before they are pierced.

Pediatrician Dr. Vincent Iannelli recommends waiting until your baby is at least two to three months old to pierce her ears.


Numbing Cream for Infant Ear Piercings


Numbing creams desensitize nerve endings that lie near the surface of the skin. They contain some combination of the drugs, including lidocaine, benzocaine and/or tetracaine.



A small amount of numbing cream can be applied to your baby’s ear lobe in the spot where she will be pierced. The usage directions on the packaging must be followed.


Side Effects

A public health advisory released by the FDA in February 2007--“Life-Threatening Side Effects with the Use of Skin Products containing Numbing Ingredients for Cosmetic Procedures”--warns that improper use of these products can cause irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, seizures and even death.



Not all piercing facilities will agree to pierce your baby if you have used numbing cream on her ears.



Often a pediatrician’s office will do the procedure for you, as well as offer advice on the safest numbing cream to use on your baby’s ears.


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Numbing Cream for Infant Ear Piercings


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