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NLP: How to Focus

NLP, or Neuro-linguistic programming, is a type of behavioral therapy that allows individuals to change, adopt, or eliminate behaviors. NLP offers specific techniques to help people make substantial changes in a short period of time.

In traditional therapy, behavior changes can take weeks or months, but NLP believers promise results much more quickly. Using NLP techniques, individuals can learn how to focus and take control of the mind. The technique is relatively simple to learn and practice.


NLP: How to Focus

How to Focus

1. Choose a quiet place where you can focus. It should be a place with minimal distractions.


2. Concentrate on a pleasant memory in your life.

Focus down to one particular moment of that memory.


3. Recall the people who were with you at the time of your memory.

Think about your feelings, the sounds, visuals, and all the details you can about that one moment in your life.


4. Take the image of your memory and expand it.

Pretend that you are watching the moment on a movie screen. Make the image clearer, brighter, and bigger.


5. Make the sounds of that moment, whether they were sounds of nature or sounds of the people you were with, louder and louder.


6. Notice your feelings after you have focused on this memory.

After you have magnified the event, you should notice that your pleasant feelings became magnified, too.


7. Practice the NLP technique above at least once a week using different memories.

Focusing will become easier the more you practice.


Tips & Warnings
NLP is popular, but there is not much research backing up the technique.


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